The colours of the liberation
as told by the tapestry

The tapestry and its key figures online...

Anto-Carte and De Wit not only tell of the King. They also show the pride of the victors and the aspirations of the military leaders. The wearied heads of the font-line soldiers reflect the exhaustion of the ordinary population. Looking down on all of this from high on the balconies are the civic leaders, diplomats and politicians. There too, drama is not in short supply.

They are images of real people who lived through (survived) the war and were present on that famous day on 22 November. At the same time, they are also archetypal figures alerting us to the consequences of brutality. They all have their own story to tell.

The starting point for this virtual exhibition is a majestic work of art that gives tangible form to an important part of our history. Take the time to become acquainted with the characters, to enjoy the marvellous heritage and to discover your own roots in the authentic archive documents.


This online exhibition on the Anto-Carte wall tapestry is divided into seven subject areas raised by King Albert in his speech. Each area has its own colour.

schema van het wandtapijt met de verschillende groepen

1. The Royal Family and the Belgian Army
2. The Allied procession in Brussels
3. The military commanders
4. The people
5. VIPs on the balcony
7. The Palace of the Nation