The colours of the liberation
as told by the tapestry

The tapestry

A hundred years ago, on 22 November 1918, King Albert I entered liberated Brussels. After four years of war, his historic address to the United Chambers ushered in a new era. A government of National Union would implement major social reforms. Universal suffrage for men became a fact.

The Senate has recreated this event looking back from the autumn of 2018 with an interactive exhibition online and a unique artistic exhibition in its stately Reading Room. What catches the eye is a unique tapestry of the Senate, Le retour victorieux du Roi Albert à la tête de ses troupes à Bruxelles le 22 novembre 1918 (“King Albert returns triumphant at the head of his troops, Brussels, 22 November 1918”). - read more

The exhibition

This exhibition, in the Senate building, runs from 23 November 2018 to 26 October 2019, and is open to both individuals and groups. - practical guide

Partners: War Heritage Institute - Les Amis d'Anto Carte / Nervia-Fonds Léon Eeckman